Clubs in Teremok

In addition to main lessons we offer children an opportunity to access a range of clubs which are open to everyone and financially accessible. The work of art club is regularly displayed at school events; our dance and drama troupes perform at citywide and national events. Club leaders are professionals who love what they do. You can look at the photos of our club performances on this page and in the gallery section.

Art club

In art club children learn art and drawing techniques, colour mixing and other art techniques. They develop creativity and an eye for detail. Other club features include small groups and personalised approach. Works of children from art club always win....

Dance club

In our dance club there are two groups arranged by age. Younger children learn dance basics and foundations of Russian dance. Older children also learn Russian dancing and regularly perform at various local and national events such as Arnold Carnival,.....

Drama club

Due to huge popularity of drama lessons there are now three theatre groups at Teremok for different age groups