Poetry Day Celebration

On 25th March Teremok celebrated Poetry Day

On 25th March Teremok celebrated Poetry Day. For several weeks children were learning and reciting poems at home and practising drama in classes. More than half of the pupils took part in the "Learn five poems" contest. They all received certificates and prizes!

On Poetry Day every child had an opportunity to showcase their talents. The audience greeted with a big round of applause our youngest performers; older pupils demonstrated their excellent Russian, confidence and skills in performing in front of large audiences - something they have learned in Teremok through the years of their schooling.

After the performances everyone enjoyed games, competitons and raffle. All money raised will go towards organsing Last Bell and end of year gifts for children.

Poetry Day was the last event of the spring term. Lessons will restart on 15th April. We wish you all restful holidays and sunny weather!

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